Tire Track Eel




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The zig-zag eel (Mastacembelus armatus), also known as the tire-track eel, tire-track spiny eel or marbled spiny eel,[2] is a species of ray-finned, spiny eels belonging to the genus Mastacembelus (Scopoli, 1777)[3] of the family Mastacembelidae, and is native to the riverine fauna of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and other parts of South East Asia. The species was described as Macrognathus armatus by Lacep├Ęde in 1800.[4] Other common names for this popular aquarium species are leopard spiny eel[5] and white-spotted spiny eel. This species is not only a popular aquarium fish but also as a food fish in its country of origin.

Approximate size 10-15cm

The image is for illustration purposes only, due to natural colour variation within a species the actual fishes colouration may vary slightly.