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Sobo Internal Filter – 500 L/H


500 l/hr internal filter which is ideal for medium tanks up to 125 litres.
Easy maintenance and cleaning.

Internal Filter SOBO WP-1150F 500 l/h

Internal filter for fish tanks.
* Helps to keep the tank cleaner – its internal sponge retains all the coarse dirt.
* The sponge maintains a good colony of bacteria, which controls ammonia, nitrites and nitrates (the poison that forms in water, and is very harmful for fish).
* Fully submersible, suitable for both fresh and saltwater.
* Ideal for medium to large tanks because of the large sponge size and filtering capacity.
* Includes Venturi system (accessory that oxygenates the water, same operation as an aerator).
* Easy maintenance and cleaning.

Maximum flow per hour: 500 litres/hr.
Length: 9.4 cm
Height: 18.2 cm
Width: 6.44 cm
Voltage: 220v
Consumption: 6w

Recommended for up to 125 litre tanks

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 170 × 75 × 40 cm